Close to Sicily Puppet (colorful non-legacy)

  The legendary words of the world’s intangible cultural heritage condensed the essence of human civilization. In the long history of the long river, told the past, record the following, to promote the future.

Non-material cultural heritage, carrying 上海茶友交流群 different countries, cultural genes and historical memories of different nations, showing the multi-dimensional direction of world civilization, is a common wealth and spiritual home of human beings, and we need our joint guardianship, carry forward, and develop. This version launched the "colorful non-legacy" column since this issue, introduces the rich and colorful non-material cultural heritage, focusing on the development of the world, telling the back of the inheritance story.

    Like many people, I first saw Sicily Director Zhu Sheppe, Tonare, Director Tonare, "Time and Space Temple", "Paradise Cinema", "Sea Pianist" and "Beautiful Legend of Sicily".

There is a childhood innocence in these three movies, and the teenager is embarrassed and the 浦东有没有水磨 old vicissitudes of the old age.

Sicily is the epitome of Italy. There is a blue sky, there is a long-rich human art, of which you can’t miss – Sicilian puppet.

  From Naples, the ferry of Palermo, the capital of the Sicily Region, is already in the evening. In the night, the cruise ship sailed in the vast sea, the top is a vast and dreamy starry sky.

In the morning of the morning, I arrived in the beautiful land in the first sunshine. The island’s promotion poster has a hunting slogan – go to the West, don’t miss the puppet drama.

Sicili Pucera is formed in the early 19th century. The locals called "Pupi", the story telling the story of the grand epic, hero’s legend, and it also has material in the medieval Knight Literature and the Renaissance of the Renaissance. Italy poetry, The protagonist covers the king, the saints, but also the rape and Jiangyang thief. Most of the puppet drama is created in the show in the show. Sicilian pupraed is one of the highly representative art forms of Italy. At the beginning, it was favored in the civilian class. At night, the night is low.

Go to the Palerti Theater in Bala, Palermo, Palermo, Palermo. The theater is not big, there are probably more than 50 people in the audience of the 8-row long bar bench. Tickets 8 euros, when entering the venue, the first five or six rows of seats are full, most of them are children and their parents.

A young man is placed on the front of the audience and the first row of the audience. The walls on both sides of the theater are stuck in bright ornaments, and the theater is full of children’s laughter. The performance of the theater is the classic repertoire "Orlando Holy Knight", music play, stage red curtain, "Orlando – Orlando -" magnetic thick male tone will take the audience instantly into the situation.

The story begins, the puppet debut. The heroic warrior, the teenage girl, the old age, on the stage of the lightsell, and the shape is different, the colorful puppet is reversed.

Among them, the mighty soldiers are particularly eye-catching, and the helmet is made of shiny metal silver, the robes are bright, antique. The puppet manipulated by the wiring, and the action is naturally smooth under skillful skills. The young man in front of the organ looks at the stage, with the plot to accompany, and the music causing.

In several scenarios, the movement of the puppet is very subtle, only the eyes are slightly rotated.

From two people fencing to large group soldiers, the scene is unable to start in a fierce attack and retreat transition. The lights suddenly decline, a time knife, sword, bow, spear flying dance, shout, fencing, shield collike, the stage effect is fascinating, the audience is in the audience. I can’t help but stand together with the children.

  The performer who left the stage was actually a sweaty, and the old man who was full of silver.

He is named Mimmo Kujikio, has been nearly 73 years old and the Kukchi Tumu Troupe of the Theater is named by its family surname, founded by Mimo’s father in 1973. The young man in front of the organ is named Jakomo Kujikio, is the son of the elderly.

The performance of the Cookkikoupourta Troupe from the opera to dance, from the novel to the fairy tale, involvement is very wide.

  Most of the Xicilli puppet dramatically passed by the family, and the family members visited the ancestors of the ancestors for precious wealth and glory. In Palermo, many puppets have been operated by family troupe, many of which have been inherited for a hundred years. Kuchio is one of them, the theater operations and economic operations are responsible by Mimo’s wife. Mo’s brother is not only active, but also the puppet producer of this family theater, most of the pockets of the show from his hand.

  Look at everyone is interested, Jaco leads some viewers to visit the theater to store puppets.

In the warehouse, I am surprised to see that hundreds of pupensors are home to the wall. Going close to the end, I found that the facial expression of the doll is highly exaggerated.

The puppet requires 上海周边洗浴按摩 a professional craftsman to use traditional methods, carved, carved, coloring, and coloring. The puppet is different, small high 30-40 cm, large puppets can be as high as 1 meter, weighing six or seven kilograms. Jako told us that more than 200 years ago, the birth of the puppet will provide a stage of equal communication to people of different classes. Usually perform a few nights in a place, the puppet artists do their best to touch the audience and find resonance. The puppet drama makes people have a chance to communicate out the house, which makes the Sicily have a sense of belonging and spiritual home.

  Going out of the theater, I saw that Many stores in Palermo and small stalls were filled with pupils, and they raised a few rows.

They have a feathers or velvet, holding a sword, shield, dazzling, can’t help. In order to continue and protect Sicily puppet, the United Nations UNESCO is included in the world’s intangible cultural heritage list, and developed training schools for young puppet artists, organizing Sicilian Puppet Festival and set a prize, holding exhibitions at home and abroad. plan.

  In the chat, I learned that Jakomo, who was born in 1982, is a small and famous pianist and composer in Palermo. He is a single son in his family. Because of the worry of the old folk art of the pet, it is determined to learn.

In order to improve the music effect in the puppet drama, he specially approved the music school and read the music department. Today, he gradually passed from the old father in his hands and became one of the most important inheritors of the Xicilli puppet. Jako said that the Dingsheng period of Sicily is a child, and the pupil play has gradually faces the survival threat, but the puppet is gradually faced by the survival threat. The family troupe is still sticking to the pupilrans to improve innovation, making it closer to today’s life.

  The little boy Antonio Tank Reedi Cadili is only 9 years old, but it is already a famous Sicilian puppet show celebrity in Palermo. In November 2019, he also took the exquisite puppet show to China Quanzhou’s international puppet show. Antonio’s enthusiasm for puppet drama originated in the wonderful performance seen in the Puppertrophee in the age of three or four.

For him, the puppet is like a brother. This sunshine, lovely boy will sit on the floor with his puppets and talk about what you see in the school. Siraka, southeast Sicily, has a puppet, including War Carlo Mausuri, including a puppet museum, a puppet theater and a puppet studio, a collection and showing a variety of Sicilian puppets. , Puppet stage props, etc., here can find everything about Sicilian Punches.

Founded in 1978, the hostess is a Musheli brother. They insist on the art inheritance of the family, let the people visited by this Sicily cultural treasure. The bright sunshine, the blue ocean, the romantic Mediterranean style, the beautiful scenery of Sicily is beautiful, and the puppet is in which the color of it is inadvertent.

I am very fortunate, the Poppi in Sicily still exists, and it has developed so far; I admire the Sicily Puppet drama artist who represents the Cookiki family.

They have been thinking about this ancient art how to develop inheritance today, is their hard work, making Sicilian puppet drama glow freshmen. (Editor: Zhao Xinyue, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.