Changchun Station Railway Line "Little Huang": Spring 上海夜网桑拿 Help Repair

The maintenance personnel in the yellow overalls, according to their respective divisions, and the tools began to carry out mechanical equipment maintenance operations.

The weather is to be inspected and maintained, and the external oil, sand, rust is cleaned, and the electrical characteristics and intensity of the Treatment device are detected to ensure that this device characteristics meet the standard and the use of reliable. Changchun Station is an important transportation hub of the railway. It carries a large number of passenger transportation tasks. Once the Taxi equipment will affect the transportation. The restrictions of the entire station are responsible for overhaul, and the on-site maintenance personnel know the weight of this responsibility. In order to ensure the reliable use of these equipment, 闵行区419spa they must check the Troires one-by-item, which is safe and smooth for transportation. Care.

The Roulette is moving once.

"The responsible person Zhu Zhiqiang, who used the interiith with the indoor protection, and the Trunking equipment was moved to the Trip device. "The maintenance personnel reported in time after using professional tool inspection, and they know the importance of this work, do not let go of any details, the characteristics and strength of each set of electrical contacts should comply with standards.

After an hour and a half,.


Based on the new starting point

Since this year, the agricultural distribution Shangnan County Branch has further enhances political awareness, strengthening political responsibility, performing political responsibility in accordance with the "Inheritance, Innovation, Taoism, Improvement, Strengthening" proposed by the General Community Party Committee, and performs political responsibility, and puts the fixed-point help work as an important political. Task, solid progress.

In less than 2 months, it has achieved real results and got a high recognition of helpers.

Seeking truth from facts, meticulous investigation research.

Since the Work Team, the Work Team, the Tangki River Town, the Welfare Town, the Tourism Team, has strengthened the communication with the village two councils, and in-depth investigation and research to grasp the black painthe Village. One-hand information, talking with the villagers one by one, listening to the voice and demands of the masses.

Through a meticulous visitor survey, I have learned the basic situation of the industrial structure and mass composition of the help village, and a solid foundation is launched for subsequent work. In recent years, the village has established a high-quality tea garden in 2000 mu, standardized kiwifruit base, 300, 300,000, 300,000, 3 million One base, and established the Village Collection Economic Cooperation Organization "Zhili Edible Fungus Professional Cooperative". Combined with the village has industrial projects, the Village Task Force is planning to study and find a help plan. Based on the moment, crack the urgent urgent. In October, the season of homingel is a lot of homogeneous, but the epidemic is affected by the epidemic.

The resident team is urgent, worrying about the masses, and playing long-term credit supporting the advantages of agricultural industrial projects, and actively take the initiative to sell the mushrooms to grow in the bridge.

Comrade Peng Yong in time, Comrade Peng Yong is docked with Shangnan County Poverty Alleviation Development Co., Ltd., which is understood and supported and expressed open acquisition. At present, there has been a total of more than 上海名媛群二维码 40,000 kilograms of mushrooms in the black painthe village, and achieve sales income of 100,000 yuan.

There will be 60,000 kilograms of mushrooms, and it is expected that sales income is 150,000 yuan, which greatly alleviates the disadvantages of villagers’ mushrooms, cracking the urgentity, and has opened up new channels for planting households. Future, planning for a long time. The mushrooms cultivated by the black painthe village has provided high-quality and stable sources of poverty alleviation and development companies in Shangnan County.

At the same time, the village team combined with the characteristics of the black painthe village and Shangnan County poverty alleviation and development company, took the initiative to introduce the size of the mushroom base of the black painthe village, propaganda 上海高端工作室资源 in the development of mushrooms in the black painthe Village, preliminary The intention of investing in the construction of mushroom base in the black painthe Village, intended to rent 90 sheds in the shackles of black paint river villages, and hired a poverty of black paint river villages to plant and manage the mushrooms, each year is a collection of 10,000 yuan, and can solve it. Partially removes the employment problem of poor households.

At the same time, it is also an intention to invest 2.94 million yuan in the shacks of the black paint river village, and give the black paint river village collaborative community into the shares. It is expected that the village collectively creates 10,000 yuan, further discharge of collective assets. . Next, farming Shangnan County Branch will further enhance the political station, 上海微信品茶 actively mobilize the responsibility and mission of all-line cadres and employees to revitalize the villages, focus on credit agriculture and fixed-point help, continue to be "three farmers" High quality development contributing wisdom and strength. (Local Contributed Peng Yong) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.


Do not lose "" time, the mass Siyu new energy car owner self-driving tour is successful

On March 21st, there is still a bit slightly cool. Yancheng LaCheng Volkswagen Si Wei New Energy Store is ready to wait for the owner to sign in the gift, the store is ready to drink, there are beautiful gifts waiting 上海娱乐地图网for everyone to takeOh.Our lovely customers have come early, take gifts, and the car owners bring friends to participate in our activities,上海油压SPA very interested in our new car.

The customer is almost, we started discussing new energy vehicles, exchanged with each other.

Let us start, I take you, you bring your family and swimsuits, let us go to Yang Shu hot springs 上海虹口干磨300群 together!We enjoy delicious lunch in the gourmet city, and the scenery in the gourmet city is not bad.After dinner, we will go to the hot springs. If we take a break, we will always have a short time. Have the opportunity to meet next time, thank you owners’ support.

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Fujian Province to carry out infant care demonstration cities

The Fujian Provincial Health and Health Committee, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Fujian 江浙沪娱乐地图 Province to carry out the implementation of the national infant care service demonstration city." Creating activities will be carried out in units of settings, and the selection works every two years. According to the plan, the demonstration city creation will improve policy support, formulate special planning or implementation plan for the construction of the "14th Five-Year" housing service system, clarify the construction goals of housing service system, construction tasks, source of funds, and operations, and 爱上海1314品茶微信号 babies The funds required for children’s care service work are included in the government budget at all levels.

At the same time, demonstration city creation will also expand service supply, fully implement maternity policy, providing parenting guidance for infant families, and strengthening community infant care service facilities and community health and other facilities, encouraging family mutual assistance Service, etc. Construction and transformation of maternal and child facilities in the place.

(Reporter 浦东全套油压店 Zhang Jingwen Cantonese) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.


Anhui Wangjiang: Newly built drainage station to improve flood protection

At the moment, the golden season of "winter repair" is built, and Wangjiang County seizes the 上海水磨品茶论坛 current drying period, and fully promotes the project of Zhuhu Yuhu Station in Wangjiang County.

In the past few days, in the construction site of the Huihu Station, Wangjiang County, dozens of excavators, engineering vehicles, and construction square were grabbing the custom weather, and stepped up the construction of Tonghua Tripples.

The person in charge of the construction board of the Zhuhu Station of Wangjiang County said that now they are in progress is the construction of the Tonghua Tripples, and its completion is one of the key nodes of the entire drainage station project. After the completion, the flood flow of the gate can be increased from the original 50 cubic meters per second, and it is increased to 105 cubic meters per second.

They are now working overtime, scientifically scheduled, 上海498的水磨干磨 and strive to ensure the construction of dikebox culverts before April 25 next year, and recover the ability to flood control. In 1972, Zhanghu Drainage Station has been designed for 50 years. The existing drainage capacity does not meet the needs of modern agricultural production and lake into the river project.

In October This year, Wangjiang County integrated project fund billion, implements the training of Zhuhu Yuhu Station in Wangjiang County, dismantled the reconstruction of Zhuhu Station according to large pumping stations and other large pumping stations, design drainage traffic 105 cubic meters per second, total assembly machine 13800 kilowatt.

The engineering system is 21 months, and the entire project is expected to be completed in October 2023.

Huizhu Huahua, the supervision of the Huihu 上海闵行区419会所 Station, Wangjiang County, said that due to the term of the project, there are two node construction periods, there are two node construction period, and they will be supervised as a supervision unit, they will be supervised in accordance with procedures. Mainly Good quality control, progress control, fund management, and safe production management. According to reports, the completed Punhu new station will greatly improve the ability of the drainage, reducing the flood prevention pressure of 38 thousand mu of the top of the 8 townships in Wangjiang County.


Canadian western flood cement stone flows 1 dead maximum port railway full line

  Overseas Network November 17th According to Reuters 17th, the heavy rain of 2 days in Western Canada caused floods and mudslide disasters, causing at least 1 person to death, and the railway channel leading to the port of Vancouver, Canada, is also blocked. According to reports, British Columbia in British Columbia has encountered heavy rainfall last weekend, causing serious floods and mudslide disasters. The police reported on the 16th of the Luet area, and a female body was found near the mudslide, and at least 2 people were missing.

The 阿拉爱上海同城论坛 mudslide has also been built in many cars, the number of trapped people and the number of vehicles remains to be confirmed.

  Port officials in Vancouver, Canada said on the 16th that all railway transport services in Vancouver Hong Kong were influenced by floods and mudslides.

Vancouver Hong Kong single-day entry and exit goods worth $ billion (approximately RMB 100 million), main goods include productive products 上海桑拿洗浴网 such as life and cars.

A agricultural exporter expects that the railway will resume operations this weekend.

Another industry insider said that traffic block is expected to last for several weeks.

Overseas Network Wang Xiaoyu).


Catch 615 people!Southeastern Public Security Organs in-depth advancement of the fault action

The reporter learned from the Southeastern Public Security Bureau on November 10 that in order to continue to advance the "broken card" action, increase the intensive crime of "black gray production" to support the "black gray production" upstream illegal crime, the Southern China’s 上海湾区spa品茶 anti-fraud center for local gangs, The destination launched the "Pure Land 2021" combat telecom fraud special action.In the near future, the third round of concentrated network, a total of 615 suspects were arrested, and 62 cases were broken, and 344 bank cards were seized, and the fund was 10,000 yuan.

It is understood that the next step in the Southeastern Public Security Organs will continue to promote the special action of "Pure Land" to control telecommunications network, and resolutely curb the high incidence of telecommunications network fraud cases, and create a safe and stable social security environment for the construction of Southeast, Southeast.(Guizhou Daily Heavenly Reporter Ling Zhongyun) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended 上海龙凤群 reading.


Further enhance the level of rural people’s environmental governance (authority release)

  A few days ago, the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of the State Council issued the "Rural Human Environment Remediation Improves the five-year action program (2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "action plan").

At the 6th, the relevant person in charge of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau is interpreted on the "Action Plan".

  Zhang Huanxin, deputy director of the central agricultural office, member of the Agricultural Rural Ministry, Director Liu Huanxin, introduced: "In general, the target tasks determined by the three-year action plan of rural homage environment rectification.

The ‘Tent4 Fiveth’ period will adhere to the problem-oriented, improve the policy, and improve the mechanism to further enhance the level of rural human environmental governance. "Contrast three-year action plan, what changes in the new round of" action plan "this time? Liu Huanxin learned from 3: First, in 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 the overall goal, from the promotion of the environmental clean and tidy to the beautiful and livable upgrade. At that focusing on the modernization of agricultural rural areas in 2035, the basics of rural areas have the basis of modern living conditions, focusing on the beautiful home of the peasant masses. Second, on the key task, from the whole to fully improve the overall improvement. Rural Toilet revolution, domestic sewage garbage treatment, village village rectification improvement, long-range management mechanisms have been improved, comprehensively enhance rural homageal environment, and promote the national rural homage environment from basic standards to improve upgrade.

  Third, in the safeguard measures, from the exploration establishment mechanism to promote long-term deepening. More prominent mechanism 上海娱乐服务业平台 construction, build systemization, standardization, and long-standing policy system, enhance the level of rural human environmental governance.

  Li Weiku, a Director of the Rural Social Utility Promotion Division, the Director of the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Area, is now, in the vast majority of cleaning actions.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will focus from two aspects: First, the normalization, organize village cleaning village environments, and expand the "three clear and one change" content due to local conditions; second is long-range maintenance, improve cleaning mechanism, pass The system such as "three bags in front" is clearly responsible for villagers. Sumijing, Secretary for Soil Ecological Environment, Ministry of Ecological Environment, said that it will mainly carry out rural domestic sewage treatment work: First, the partition classification promotion governance; the second is to strengthen rural black odor governance, to 2025, basically eliminate larger The area of ??rural black odor. Qin Haixiang, the Ministry of Construction Department, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that it will further promote the guidance of rural style: strengthen the protection of traditional villages, continue to carry out the investigation of traditional Chinese villages; improve the style of rural characteristics, and guide all over the country as the main body, rectify Improve the village of the village and shape the natural landscape with native characteristics.


Beijing Winter Olympics Committee: The planning and construction of the venue is progressing smoothly, and will formulate the "one-in-one policy" epidemic prevention program.

On July 30, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee held a venue construction press conference.Liu Yumein, Minister of the Planning and Construction Department of Beijing Winter Olympics, introduced the overall situation of the Winter Olympics, the key points of the next steps, and the deputy director of the Beijing Major Project Construction Command Office introduced the current venue for Beijing and Yanqing.Progress, Zhangjiakou Municipal Government Party Group, Liu Haifeng, deputy director of the Municipal Winter Olympic Office, introduced the project of Zhangjiakou Sai District, and Yang Jinkui, Minister Yang Jinkui, Department of Paralympics, Beijing Winter Olympics, introduced the construction of unobstructed facilities and Winter Olympics to promote urban accessibility construction.Result.

According to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee winter Minister of Planning Ministry of Construction Liu Yumin introduction, Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games venue construction work started in 2016, it has been more than five years, winter in Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Beijing, Hebei under efforts to promote the two governments, venue planning and construction is progressing smoothly. Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter using a total of 39 venues, including 12 competition venues, three training venues, 24 non-competition venues. Competition venues permanent facilities have been completed, most of the non-competition venues has 上海水磨会所交友论坛 been completed, some nearing completion.

Liu Yumin describes the characteristics of the eight Beijing Olympic Winter Games venue construction: maximize the use of the 2008 Olympic legacy, ice stadium use of environmentally friendly advanced refrigeration technology, natural heritage venues snow mountains philosophy, all buildings to achieve green building standards, all the venues to use green energy, venue construction sites again led industrial revival, and after the Games venue construction program throughout the end. He said the next step venue construction priorities will be first to complete the National Stadium, National Convention Center Phase II part of the finishing work; Second, in combination epidemic prevention and control policy, to fine-tune and improve stadium facilities; third is to complete all 上海按摩微信群 the temporary facilities before the end of deliver. Overall, all the venues of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, all delivered on time this year, to provide practical and effective guarantee for the successful convening of the Winter Olympics. In addition, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee is closely following the winter Tokyo’s response to the epidemic.

Liu Yumin said: Next, we’ll learn from Tokyo experience, combined with Beijing’s prevention policy, a policy to develop a museum immunization program will increase the number of temporary facilities, such as channel isolation, temporary toilets, isolation wall, temporary isolation points, etc. .

Prevention measures quantities of these supplements is not much, not much construction difficult, it does not affect the temporary facilities on-time 闵行附近洗浴会所 delivery. Deputy director of Beijing Municipal Construction Headquarters Office of major projects in the DQ, as of now, according to "Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games venues and supporting infrastructure overall construction plan (2021 Edition)", by the Beijing Municipal Construction of Beijing and is responsible for organizing Yanqing Division Winter Olympics project, eight competition venues, was fully completed by the end of 2020, and completed the ice Snowmaking, sports events through the full range of testing and inspection. Nine non-competition venues, has completed eight. The rest of the Bird’s Nest National Stadium, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding with the construction of theatrical performances, guarantee the successful completion of the task, has entered the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter opening and closing ceremonies of the transformation phase of construction, scheduled for completion in October this year. In addition, Beijing is responsible for the construction of the Winter Olympics project also includes 31 supporting infrastructure, was fully completed in June this year.

This 31 supporting infrastructure, including the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, Beijing ceremony speed and other 11 transportation projects, Zhangbei 500 kV flexible DC power grid, sea Tuo substations, 12 power projects and Yanqing Division Pipe Gallery, eight municipal facilities. He said: host a wonderful, excellent, extraordinary Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the Beijing leave a worthy tradition, quality assets for the benefit of the people of the past five years is that we always pursue the twin goals of building the Winter Olympics.

By construction, engineering Winter Olympics Beijing will be the future development of high quality in cities, Beijing, Tianjin and integration, to meet members of the public to play an active role in terms of longing for a better life. According to the deputy director of Zhangjiakou City Winter Olympics organizing Leading Group Office Liu Haifeng introduction, Zhangjiakou Division set up a total nine venues, including four competition venues, namely Genting ski parks, national ski jumping center, the National Center for cross-country skiing in winter and two national centers ; five non-competition venues, namely Zhangjiakou Winter Games village, mountain News, mountain broadcasting Center, Medals Plaza, uniforms and registration sub-centers. Four competition venues were completed construction by the end of 2020, and underwent tests at the Meet in Beijing snow project testing activities in February 2021 held in.

5 non-competition venues, the Zhangjiakou the Winter Games village in June 2021 completed all the construction tasks, currently optimize the sound according to Beijing winter Olympic facilities and equipment required to ensure delivery as soon as possible; Mountain News, Mountain Broadcasting Center, the award Square, uniforms and registration sub-centers four venues for the transformation of temporary facilities or permanent structures existing facilities, is in accordance with the time node in an orderly construction.

He said: venue construction is an important guarantee for the event organized by the Austrian do we always uphold the concept of four, according to simple, safe, exciting run game requirements, go all out to promote the venue construction, accelerate the improvement of facilities upgrade for the Winter Olympics success organized to provide safe and reliable hardware support.

Beijing Paralympic Winter Olympic Organizing Committee introduced the Minister Yang Jinkui made accessible venue construction and other areas important results: First, establish a sound working mechanism accessibility, prepared the "Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter free obstacles Guide "accessibility guidelines and specifications atlas provides a standard specification for the venue barrier-free design, construction and inspection.

We developed a program of work for the Winter Games venues accessible, barrier-free facility design and inspection work program and other documents; the second is the construction of stadium accessibility achieved initial results, 12 competition venues and three Winter Games Village (Winter Paralympic Village ) barrier-free facilities have been completed simultaneously with the stadium main project; Third, through the organization of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic winter, Beijing, the host city of Zhangjiakou two barrier-free environment continues to improve. He said the next step will continue to do permanent venue facilities accessible optimization, make up work temporary facilities barrier-free design, construction and temporary facilities with permanent facilities, and strengthen professional training accessible venue operation team, the Winter Olympics venues barrier-free construction and sustainable urban development combined with the host city to join hands to create a level reflects the progress of social civilization and accessibility of the Winter Olympics, the host city for the Winter Olympics left a rich legacy of accessibility.


Beijing: Chinese and foreign experts hot discussion on the sustainable development of public transportation industry

  Xinhuanet Beijing November 13 (Reporter Zhang Yu) was held in Beijing on the 12th of China (Beijing) International Public Transport Conference and China Road Transport Association City Passenger Branch at the theme of "Travel Reform".

Chinese and foreign experts are hot discussion on the important role of promoting sustainable economic and social development. CHCE CHAID, Director Cai Cai Group, Director of the Transportation Department, said that the current demand and travel structure of residents have changed significantly, the new round of scientific and technological 浦东油压会所哪里最多 revolution is in the ascendant, giving birth to the road, sharing a bicycle and network usage, etc. Ground bus generation impact.

In order to promote the high quality development of the bus, he has promoted the promotion of the public transportation, accelerates the construction of public transportation, and in depth, carrying out green travel, build low-carbon urban systems, accelerates urban bus wisdom upgrade, explore automatic driving technology in the bus industry, and do a good job Epidemic prevention and control, full concern to pay advice from seven represented by Care Personnel.

  Guo Jifu, Dean of the Beijing Transportation Development Research Institute, issued the title of "Thinking on Ground Bus Development", the ground bus is an important part of urban travel, and will jointly bear commuter 上海油压KB场 services in a quite long period of time. It should be improved to the strategic status of sustainable development in the country and cities.

  At the annual meeting of the China Road Transport Association, the Secretary of China Road Transportation Association, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Beijing Bus Group made a "Urban Passenger Delivery Branch 2021 Work Report".

"Report" appeal to the majority of urban bus companies to persist in reform and innovation, holding the safety bottom line, enhance service quality, innovative service method, overcome the current difficulties, adhere to the passenger, and build the people satisfied with the public.

At the same time, further self-importance, develop more service channels, focus on improving service capabilities and attractive, to promote new vitality, coagulation of new motivation in promoting high quality development in the industry.

  It is reported that the General Assembly also released the Declaration of the Construction of Public Transport Development Community in China (Beijing) International Public Transport Congress. The Declaration focuses 爱上海会员验证交流区 on the importance of public transportation and the vision of the community to build public transportation.