MassOpera 2018, Nile Scott, photographer

MassOpera 2018, Nile Scott, photographer

The Glimmerglass Festival 2018, Karli Cadel, photographer

The Glimmerglass Festival 2018, Karli Cadel, photographer


Boston Symphony Orchestra ‘19

“…and a solid sextet of Tanglewood Music Center vocal fellows took the solos.” - The Boston Globe

“…Katherine Maysek imbued the performance with a rich and expressive timbre.” - The Tech

Photo: Winslow Townson

 Cherubino in Corigliano’s  The Ghosts of Versailles   The Glimmerglass Festival's 2019  Karli Cadel, photographer    Cherubino (Katherine Maysek) and Rosina (Joanna Latini)

The Glimmerglass Festival ‘19

“Standouts included the theatrically astute tenor Christian Sanders, as Bégearss, the cartoon villain in Beaumarchais’s opera, who has two lengthy, vehement arias about vermin, and mezzo Katherine Maysek (Cherubino), who shone in her single scene, romancing Rosina ( Joanna Latini ) as part of the aforementioned love quartet.” - The Wall Street Journal

“ … soprano Joanna Latini made an elegant Rosina. Her duet with Cherubino (mezzo Katherine Maysek), “Look at the green here in the glade”, was ravishing.” - BachTrack

“Joanna Lantini and Katherine Maysek stood out as Rosina and Cherubino.” - ConcertoNet

“Katherine Maysek’s substantial, throbbing mezzo served the role of Cherubino well, and she paired luminously with Ms. Latini in a fetching duet.” - OperaToday

Photo: Karli Cadel


Odyssey Opera ‘18

“In her brief role as Sarahil, Katherine Maysek delivered her phrases with smooth-tone and elegance.” - Boston Classical Review

“Katherine Maysek provided vocal pleasures in the supporting role of Sarahil, Balkis maid.” - The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Photo: Kathy Wittman


The Glimmerglass Festival ‘18

“…bass-baritone Michael Hewitt and mezzo-soprano Katherine Maysek pulling out all the stops as Sam and Dinah, the opera’s two affluent Bickersons,” - La Scena Musicale

“Katherine Maysek shone briefly as the canine Lapak.” - Gay City News

Photo: Connor Lange


MassOpera ‘18

“Katherine Maysek made for a delightfully devious Madame Kirsten, and it was wonderful to see the gears in her mind work as she traversed about the stage.” - Schmopera

Photo: Nile Scott


Opera Saratoga ‘17

“Apprentice Artist Katherine Maysek (Lisbé) acted amusingly and sang healthily as Zémire’s “Material Girl” sisters.” - Opera News

“Two members of the Opera Saratoga Young Artist Program, soprano Lisa Rogali and mezzo-soprano Katherine Maysek, played, respectively, Sanders’ two other daughters, the vain and flighty Fatme and Lisbe. Both performers offered pert, preening delight and evinced clean mastery of the sprightly yet demanding vocal lines with which Grétry’s score tasks them.” - La Scena Musicale

“Katherine Maysek and Lisa Marie Rogali play her two sisters, Fatmé and Lisbé, whose vanity is easily redeemable as the audience learns they do care for their family’s well-being but go about it the wrong way. The two act like a humorous duo as they’re almost always seen providing sight gags together, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum.” - Spotlight News

Photo: Gary David Gold

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"The soprano Samantha Malk sang Dido and the Sorceress efficiently, but the most vivid vocal performances were in supporting roles: Jessica Aszodi and Katherine Maysek as the witches, and Mr. Moody as the deluding Spirit disguised as Mercury.” - The New York Times (Tanglewood, 2015)

”mezzo-soprano Katherine Maysek, in the small but invaluable role of Pinkerton’s American wife, Kate, hits just the right tone of discreet empathy.” - La Scena Musicale (The Berkshire Opera Festival, 2016)

“Mezzo-soprano Kathryn Maysek delivered the aria “Es ist vollbracht! (It is finished!)” with heartbreaking anger and tenderness.” - The Times Argus (Blanche Moyse Chorale, 2015)

Photo: RABellino Photography